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     In 2010, John Meeks began his support of Military Working Dogs (MWD) by putting on his first fundraising event. His support at first was on a small scale. After having conversations with Ron Aiello,                                                  President of the United States War Dogs Association, John was given the                                                          opportunity to become a Chapter and represent the United States War Dogs                                                       Association in the mid-west. For John, this was a true blessing and he was going                                              to be able to fulfill some of his deepest desires and hopes. So with the help of                                                     Ron and the Association, John has been able to meet , by email, and support                                                      many MWD and their handlers. In January 2012 The United States War Dogs                                             Association - Chapter 3 was formed. But it was not until March 11, 2013 that                           Chapter 3 finally received their 501 (c) (3) Corporation non-profit status.
     We are very proud to be a Chapter of the United States War Dogs
Association which was established in 2000. Besides our continued
efforts to educate the public about the history of our War Dogs and
how they have and are serving with Loyalty, Courage and Honor.
The Association and it's Chapters continue to support police K9s and
our MWD serving our Country all over the world. Support our
retired MWD with prescription care. Making sure our retired MWD are
                                       returned back to the United States. Promoting and aiding in the adoption process.
                                       Honoring all retired MWDs, past and present, and all dogs that have served our                                              communities, our States and our Country. Promoting and supporting monuments                                            dedicated to the dogs that have served our Country. This year, 2017, the Association                                        has started a scholarship program for MWD handlers and/or their dependents. And                                        the Association continues to work with legislators to get laws written or changed                                              that will benefit our Military Working Dogs.
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